sexta-feira, 11 de abril de 2008

Luisa Paraguai

Tenho pesquisado artistas e ativistas brasileiros que trabalham com vigilância e visibilidade e espero em breve escrever sobre isso aqui (as promessas nesse blog são muitas e sem prazo de validade ;-). Hoje conheci o trabalho da Luisa Paraguai Donati, artista sediada em São Paulo e pesquisadora da Universidade de Sorocaba. Pelo que apresenta em seu site, o trabalho mais voltado para questões de visibilidade e vigilância é o Vemos...nos olham, apresentado no FILE 2001, e cujo título é claramente inspirado no livro de Didi-Huberman (O que vemos, o que nos olha. Ed. 34 letras). Só tive acesso à descrição do trabalho, que reproduzo abaixo, conforme o que consta no site do FILE 2001. A pesquisa atual da artista é sobre tecnologias móveis e objetos vestíveis, e o Networked Performance postou sobre este seu último trabalho ontem.

Vemos....nos olham
“What we see is important – only live – in our eyes through what see us.” Georges Didi-Huberman (1998) The new relations of participant/information/technological interface is possible through Computer Mediated-Comunication on the Web, for example ICQ, chat, virtual communities, video conference, e-mail, discussion list. The Web users can establish relationship in a synchronous/simultaneous and asynchronous way through this interactive communication space. This new possibility of social and political organization and cooperation on the net take place through the circulation of information when the users have the same purpose and not more the same shared physical space. The image other’s construction takes place through intermediated information by shared text, image and some times audio, on each user’s thoughts. This work presents this new communication space as another “perception system” when it tries to compose and show the user’s relationship among other people and himself/herself through the juxtaposition and superposition of the windows in an aesthetical movement. This site tries to propose a different behavior from the common sites when the user has to stop and try “to see and be seen”. The user is conducted to see and be seen while he/she is observed by different sights around him/her through the composition of the windows opened without interaction/navigation/choose. It is needed to close all the windows in a metaphorical introspective movement for the user find himself/herself: external random links show the possibility the others’ presence on the Web. There are some links on the first Web page that conduct the users to some communication spaces as ICQ, net meeting, 3D chat, electronic chat, and virtual community."

Biography Author: Luisa Paraguai Donati PhD Student and Master at Unicamp, Department of Multimedia, Institute of Arts. Researcher from wAwRwT project. She has presented works at National and International Congress about Art and Technology. She attended with the web site INcorpos at some recent artistic exhibition: “II Biennial from Mercosul”, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil, and “Electronic Art Exhibition - SIBGRAPI2000”, Gramado, RS, Brazil.

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