terça-feira, 15 de abril de 2008

Celulares, comportamento e wireless power

Ainda na lista top 10 das tecnologias emergentes em 2008 (Technology Review-MIT), o Reality Mining é um programa que reúne data mining e monitoramento de dados e ações através de telefone celular para extrair padrões de comportamento e estilo de vida para: "ajudar você a viver sua vida" (!). Trata-se de um "personal reality mining". O resumo do invento abaixo:
"Who: Sandy Pentland, MIT
Definition: Personal reality mining infers human relationships and behavior by applying data-mining algorithms to information collected by cell-phone sensors that can measure location, physical activity, and more.
Impact: Models generated by analyzing data from both individuals and groups could enable automated security settings, smart personal assistants, and monitoring of personal and community health.
Context: Cell phones are now sophisticated enough to collect and analyze data on personal behavior, and researchers are developing techniques that allow them to effectively sort through such information."

Ressalto por fim um terceiro item da mesma lista: wireless power technology, dispositivo que ambiciona transmitir força elétrica sem fio. Resumo:
"Who: Marin Soljacic, MIT
Definition: Wireless power technology transmits electricity to devices without the use of cables.
Impact: Any low-power device, such as a cell phone, iPod, or laptop, could recharge automatically simply by coming within range of a wireless power source, eliminating the need for multiple cables—and perhaps, eventually, for batteries.
Context: Eliminating the power cord would make today’s ubiquitous portable electronics truly wireless. A number of researchers and startups are making headway in this growing field."

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