sábado, 29 de setembro de 2007

Arte e exibicionismo

O exibicionismo midiático contemporâneo é o tema de Showing, exposição organizada por Jordan Crandall no TELIC Arts Exchange em Los Angeles. Resenha do Rhizome abaixo e detalhes da programação aqui.

"Exhibitionism as the fuel of contemporary media culture forms the basis of Showing, an exhibition at TELIC Arts Exchange in Los Angeles. Rather than a show of stand-alone work, artist and theorist Jordan Crandall has converted the space into a platform for several evening-long series of screenings, performances, and other events that articulate how the affective exchanges of blogs, webcams, online social networking, and lifecasting have done nothing less than change the foundation of subjectivity. On September 29th, Glenn Phillips and Catherine Taft present 'Watch Me Get Watched,' which begins with a curated look at voyeurism in the history of video with screenings of work by Bianca D'Amico, Micol Hebron, Sterling Ruby, and Kirsten Stoltman, among other artists who have taken up the act of watching in their work. It is followed by a performance work by Nao Bustamante and a presentation of web-based projects by Gary Dauphin. Other events include a screening program titled 'On the History of Attractions' on October 5, another organized by media scholar Scott Bukatman focusing on the cult of the amateur on October 9, a Web cam workshop on the 12th, a lifecasting presentation on the 13th, and several additions to be announced through October 20. As a whole, the exhibition subordinates traditional concerns of media theory--perception, spectatorship, power--to the primacy of the pose, or in the words of the organizer, it responds to a "culture [that] would seem to be less a representational than a presentational one."

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