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Surveillance and Resistance

Novo número da Surveillance & Society é dedicado às relações entre Resistência e Vigilância. Os artigos, notas e resenhas que compõem o número estão todos on-line. Vale a leitura.

Vol 6, No 3 (2009): Surveillance and Resistance

Guest Editors: Laura Huey and Luis A. Fernandez

*With a special Review section on the UK House of Lords Constitution Committee report, Surveillance: Citizens and the State

Table of Contents
Is Resistance Futile? Thoughts on Resisting Surveillance
Luis A Fernandez, Laura Huey 199-202
Surveillance is Sexy Abstract
David Bell 203-212
Understanding resistance to digital surveillance: Towards a multi-disciplinary, multi-actor framework
Aaron K Martin, Rosamunde E van Brakel, Daniel J Bernhard 213-232
Networks and Resistance: Investigating online advocacy networks as a modality for resisting state surveillance
Lucas D Introna, Amy Gibbons 233-258
Individualism and Identity Resistance to Speed Cameras in the UK
Helen Wells, David Wills 259-274
Facebook Feeding Frenzy: Resistance-through-Distance and Resistance-through-Persistence in the Societied Network
Andrés Sanchez 275-293

Opinion / Research Notes
A Tack in the Shoe and Taking off the Shoe Neutralization and Counter-neutralization Dynamics
Gary T Marx 294-306

Artistic Presentations
panegyric 6.6
Rez Noir 307

Review Articles
What the US can learn from the UK about the protection of privacy
Oscar H. Gandy Jr. 308-312
Waking Up to the Surveillance Society
N. Katherine Hayles 313-316
Surveillance: Citizens and the State
Katja Franko Aas 317-321
Control Over Personal Information in the Database Era
Mark Andrejevic 322-326

Book Reviews
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Vida Bajc 327-328
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Krista Boa 329-330
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Erica Spink D’Souza

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