domingo, 15 de abril de 2007

Urban interface

A exposição Urban Interface, que acontece esse ano em Berlin e Oslo, explora os novos cruzamentos entre o público e o privado no espaço urbano, especialmente aqueles propiciados pelo uso cotidiano das tecnologias de comunicação.
Destaco o trabalho Exposure, de Jussi Ängeslevä (FI) and Richard The (DE), que trata da emergência do "Panóptico participatório" e do "Little Brother", constituídos pelos olhos onipresentes e ubíquos das câmeras digitais espraiadas no espaço urbano:

"Exposure is a spatial art installation combining smart materials, simple sensor electronics and poster design to weave micro narratives for the unsuspecting public as they navigate through the urban landscape. An array of unobtrusive, monochromatic posters is arranged along a segment of a passageway. Adjacent to the individual posters a light gate is watching when a pedestrian passes by the poster. The light gate is connected to a tele-objective camera flash and triggers it, casting the person’s shadow momentarily on the poster. The poster, being covered with fluorescent ink, captures the shadows and retains the glowing silhouette, becoming an integrated element of the poster’s graphics which gradually fade away. The work can be seen as a commentary and counter-reaction to the established disempowerment of the individual. Above and beyond the exhausted Big Brother discourse, Exposure takes a stand also on the new emergent "Participatory Panopticon", or "Little Brother", the ever present prying eye of the neighbours’ ubiquitous camera equipped digital device".

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